Why?     You know the close elevator doors buttons?  They don’t actually work. Not since 1990 as part of legislation to allow wheelchairs enough time to get in. Yet, all of us, as we find ourselves in a hurry to get to work and avoid the smelly guy from riding in the same elevator, frantically push that button not once, but repeatedly 83 times before they close. Because I work on the 19th floor of a 20 story building, I see it every day. I’ve known about this close elevator door button thing for a few years and I’m just now sharing my knowledge with others. Honestly, I enjoy being the only person on the elevator that knows this secret and […]

Stand by Me

Sitting in bed, about to fall asleep and I stumble upon the movie Stand by Me. One of the few movies I still own on VHS and one that helped to define much of my childhood.  To be honest, I don’t believe I have a way to watch any of the movies I own on VHS.  Does anyone anymore? I guess I could always sell my collection of VHS movies in the next neighborhood garage sale, but the 50 cents that I would make off of each tape is not equal to the memories and lessons they have provided me.  So, for now, they will sit in a box in the garage till VHS becomes cool again.  It’s only a […]

Everything I own fits in the back of a truck!

We have officially moved!   After several months of living in two cities and traveling back and forth between San Antonio and Houston, we are finally all under the same roof with all of our belongings. Now the challenge is to find that balance again as well as locate all the proper places in the new house for all of our old stuff.   We didn’t throw a lot away going into the move and we have come across things that the movers should have never had to shove in a box. The phrase “why did we move this” has been said more than once in the past few weeks. My wife looked at the moving manifest and informed me […]

I do what I can

I may not be the best friend, boss, father, husband, brother, son or person in the world, but let it be known that I at least try. I wake up every morning with the desire to make an impact in someone’s life.  It doesn’t need to be a grand contribution, but I do try to go to bed at night leaving the world better than when I woke up.  Before I close my eyes, I take inventory on my day and think of ways I might have contributed to the betterment of others.  Some days are better than others and sometimes I have to make up today for a misstep from yesterday.  Nobody is perfect.   Random thought?  How many […]


The NOW.   Since February, I have been commuting from Houston to San Antonio and back. In order to spend the weekend with my family, I leave work early on Fridays and drive 3.5 hours to San Antonio, where my wife and kids are still living till school gets out for the year. I wake up at 4am on Mondays, get on the road by 5am, so I can make it to work by 8:30am. It’s 202 miles each way and the scenery is pretty boring. We are now into our 4th month of doing this and it’s certainly not the easiest thing we have ever had to do, but we make it work.  Other people have it tougher than […]

Shut up and Listen

Fun fact. I’m colorblind.   I also draw like a 4 year old kid and my fashion sense could be described as “challenged”. Although I don’t wear glasses, I have issues with putting together certain visuals. I’m great with the visualization of goals and purpose, but terrible at suggesting what color the bedroom needs to be painted. My wife will show me all sorts of colors in Home Depot’s paint department and all I can do is just nod and try to support whatever decision she will inevitably make with or without my input. She doesn’t really trust my judgement, and I think she just ask to be nice. I am however a great listener. So, as my wife makes […]

Revenge is a tricky thing.

I’ve had many opportunities in life to be vengeful. I’ve been broken up with, screwed over and wronged just as many times as the next guy. I’ve had a front row seat to moments where people have attempted to extinguish my flame, but I’ve never once seen anyone be successful at finishing the job. In the end, I will always come out stronger and wiser…because that’s what I do and I do it without stooping to their level.   You have to be careful on what you allow to be a driver in your life. Many of our actions (or reactions) can be rooted in revenge. It often serves as a powerful motivator and pushes you to achieve more, but […]

A Vision Quest

A vision quest can mean a couple of things. Back in the day, when Native American boys would go through puberty, they would go on a vision quest where they would starve themselves in order to see a vision into the future. They used these visions to chart their course into adulthood. It’s also an amazing 80s movie starring Matthew Modine as a high school wrestler, trying to cut weight to wrestle an unbeaten opponent, while hooking up with an older chick while Madonna songs play in the background. It’s one of my top 5 favorite sports movies of all time. The pre-match warm up scene, with the song “Lunatic Fringe” playing in the background, is amazing and inspiring. Watch […]

115 Days

If you have never had to look your children in the eyes and tell them that you “lost” your job, then you have never truly lived. You search for the right life lesson as you are explaining to them that life sometimes deals you a bad hand and you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve it. It’s hard to explain to kids that you are being punished for doing nothing wrong. For being so good that they paid you the most money and that’s why they eliminated your position. When the company you work for is more than 22 BILLION (Yes, with a “B”) in debt, they have to make difficult decisions. You have to explain that the people that […]

The Never Ending Story

Are you living a defining life? If you let it, your life story could be defined simply by the actions you take in certain pivotal moments.  You should not be defined by one moment, but your navigation of a series of opportunities that are strung together over the course of a lifetime.  Then again, your life definition should be greater than just the trajectory created by these moments. Let’s not sell ourselves short, our lives are bigger than a moment. We often talk about a defining moment and some action or reaction, good or bad, which flipped a switch and jetted us in a certain direction.  That direction can be mental and eventually physical. One action can be somewhat defining, […]