The year of the chicken

Don’t get me wrong, New Year’s resolutions are fun. They give you something to keep track of or to do with a friend, but most tend to fade out by March (and then you’re stuck making that gym payment for the rest of the year). Like “no shave November” or Lent, it’s always good to challenge yourself to do something new or to try to go without something you think you love. I always give up shaving in November and I try to not eat a food or a food group during lent. It’s healthy and it’s fun. It breaks up the routine of life.


You don’t need the changing of the calendar to make these adjustments or set these challenges. Approach every day as if it was New Year’s Day. A new year represents hope, the beginning of a cycle and a launching pad for goals and dreams. We use it as a benchmark or a starting line, but in reality you get 365 of those every year. Use them. Use them wisely.
Any military marksmen or seasoned hunter knows this about target practice-when you aim big you often miss big. When you aim small, you’re focused and the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming. There is a difference between goals and targets. Goals are broad and grand and you certainly want to see them achieved, but they are just goals. Yet, if you approach each day this year with a target, you will certainly improve your odds of success.
#Tryharder this year to make the best of the days you are given. Wake up with the focused target of trying to be better than you were yesterday. Resolutions often feel like mountains you may never finish climbing, but taking on the challenge of hitting a target each day is easier to digest. Easier to manage.  It’s more real and immediate. Define your target and hit it.
According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the chicken. Be the opposite. Be brave and commit each day to trying harder.


Happy New Year! I hope it’s amazing!


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