The Never Ending Story

Are you living a defining life?

If you let it, your life story could be defined simply by the actions you take in certain pivotal moments.  You should not be defined by one moment, but your navigation of a series of opportunities that are strung together over the course of a lifetime.  Then again, your life definition should be greater than just the trajectory created by these moments. Let’s not sell ourselves short, our lives are bigger than a moment.
We often talk about a defining moment and some action or reaction, good or bad, which flipped a switch and jetted us in a certain direction.  That direction can be mental and eventually physical. One action can be somewhat defining, but several choices, strung together over a lifetime, are what makes up your story.

Are you living a defining life or are you waiting for moments to define you?  Events will occur in your life that you have no control of and you can only prepare so much for that moment specifically. You don’t know what heartache death brings or what joy parenthood provides until you actually experience these events firsthand. There are so many “what ifs” in life and it’s impossible to see them coming or educate yourself on a full proof way of handling them. What you can and need to do is ready your overall mindset and approach to life.

Do not allow tragedy or heartache to define your role. Do not let the beating of the world decide your fate. Do not let others determine your place in the world. Do not let your scars prevent you from growth.

I’ve had many moments in my life that serve as triggers to new storylines and paths that I never saw coming. If you have read my previous book and blogs, you would know that I’ve had quite a bit of loss in life and in some ways still learning from those events. I’ve had some amazing things happen as well! You don’t get to look at the script prior to signing on for your role in life, so your spirit needs to be optimistic and ready for the unexpected. In your career they say “dress like you would for the job you want” or “in order to get the job, you already have to be doing the job”. You need to live the life you desire and direct everything to run through the filters and screens you have prepared. Create a life foundation and have pillars that support your desired direction and expectations. The unexpected happens, but your mindset and tenacity will need to hold firm so that you can not only survive the storm, but grow from it.

#Tryharder to live a defining life and not be defined by moments that are thrust upon you.


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