The Never Ending Story

Are you living a defining life? If you let it, your life story could be defined simply by the actions you take in certain pivotal moments.  You should not be defined by one moment, but your navigation of a series of opportunities that are strung together over the course of a lifetime.  Then again, your life definition should be greater than just the trajectory created by these moments. Let’s not sell ourselves short, our lives are bigger than a moment. We often talk about a defining moment and some action or reaction, good or bad, which flipped a switch and jetted us in a certain direction.  That direction can be mental and eventually physical. One action can be somewhat defining, […]

The year of the chicken

Don’t get me wrong, New Year’s resolutions are fun. They give you something to keep track of or to do with a friend, but most tend to fade out by March (and then you’re stuck making that gym payment for the rest of the year). Like “no shave November” or Lent, it’s always good to challenge yourself to do something new or to try to go without something you think you love. I always give up shaving in November and I try to not eat a food or a food group during lent. It’s healthy and it’s fun. It breaks up the routine of life.   You don’t need the changing of the calendar to make these adjustments or set these […]