Eye of the Tiger

I’ve been moving forward my entire life. I’ve kick boxed on and off, for the past 10 years. Nothing gets your heart pumping or relieves stress like beating the hell out of a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling and I try to do this around 3 times a week. Occasionally, depending on the trainer, they will throw pads on their hands and you get to do your best Rocky impression while following the instructions of what types of punches and combinations to throw. Of all the things involved in the workout, this part is probably my favorite. It’s the closest thing I do to actually sparring with someone and nobody hits you back. I have a pretty face and […]

Six Degrees of Life

So this week I came up with a new mission for myself. Connect with 52 new people in 52 weeks. I’ve never had a problem meeting new people. I’m aware that I am charismatic and, from what I’ve been told, engaging. I have a friendly face and that often results in some sort of connection or magnetism. We all have a “super power” and mine happens to be the ability to connect with people quickly. It’s important to be aware and embrace what you do well. My goal in this year long, and maybe longer, experiment is to connect with people I would traditionally never meet. I want to expand my life Rolodex and branch out to other categories of […]