Personalized copy of #Tryharder

Many people have asked if I would sign their book, but they live too far away or it’s just difficult to make it happen.¬† For a $50 donation to the Phoebe Fund, I will send a personalized copy of #Tryharder to you or whomever you like.¬† As you know, I don’t make a dollar off of the books I write, as every cent goes into a college/future fund for my niece (the daughter of my brother, who passed away a few years ago). Just click the button and I will personally process your request!   Who is this book for?

You know what’s grosser than gross? THIS BLOG!

  Things have a way of working themselves out.   In 1996, I was sitting in my apartment in San Angelo, TX playing Madden football with my roommate Matthew. I thought of this moment the other day when I was tinkering around with putting this story into a blog. I also realized that the last Madden football game I had played was probably 2004 and, if I were to pick up the latest game, I would be completely and totally lost. Yet, my 6 years old son would pick it up in a matter of minutes without ever playing a football game prior. I played a good bit of video games in college, just like everyone else, but I am […]


“He’s a nice guy”. “She’s cute”. “He has a good job”. “She has a good heart”. Almost always, all of these phrases are the kiss of death when it comes to dating. Eventually, after you get older and some dating standards change, these qualities move up in importance when looking for a mate; but initially these phrases will cause you to have many free Friday and Saturday nights. I know from experience! When I stopped always trying to be a “nice guy”- I became a “serial dater”. What flipped the switch? I developed ridges! What commercials do you remember most? The ones that are different. The ones that stand out. They are funny or provocative in some way. They connect […]