Don’t hold your breath

Real talk here. We’ve all done it. We have all waited, somewhat patiently, for the karma train to roll in and hit someone. We place a deserving or undeserving target onto someone else’s back and hope that the balance of the world finally catches up to that person. To say that you haven’t ever done this would be a lie, because none of us are saints and we have all been wronged by someone. Relationship karma is probably the most common when it comes to people wanting to see it through. He broke your heart, he cheated on you, she hooked up with the football team while you were dating. You want redemption for your tears, heartache and embarrassment. You […]

#Adulting #Parenting

A while back a friend of mine, who just got married at 30 but did not have children, asked me a series of interesting questions about fatherhood. She just shot them at me in rapid fire fashion and I answered them as best and as honest as I could. “Do you ever regret having kids”? It’s an honest and fair question from someone who has never had children. There is a curiosity, with people who don’t have kids, as to how much you are potentially missing out on in life when you choose to spend your weekends at jump castle birthday parties or t-ball games and not vacationing with friends or going to parties with other non-children having couples. It’s […]