Why I can’t have nice things!

Every year, for my birthday, my father in law sends me cash in a card. This is what grandparents do for grandkids and this is what my father in law does for me. I guess I prefer he send me money opposed to some odd gift or cologne that I would never wear. He usually waits till Christmas to send those things.   This year, he sent me $100. Where $20 would have been fine and often my gift in the past, he stepped up this year and gifted large! Such a generous gift from the grandfather of my children and a man that I have grown to love and become good friends with over the 18 years we have […]

Self-help for Dummies

Whenever I feel like I need a shot in that arm, albeit a need for a boost of confidence, knowledge, or just a reminder or refresher on something I’m struggling with, I buy a book.     Most of the books I read are based in betterment. “How to be a better…” (Fill in the blank) kind of stuff. I don’t always read the book all the way through and many of the books I just pull out whatever I need at the moment from the guidance provided in the pages and apply it to the situation.¬† I do also enjoy cookbooks because they provide guidance and ingredients.¬† I don’t love novels or books that don’t provide my brain knowledge. […]