Why nobody calls you Pee Pee Pants anymore.

The world has a short term memory.   If you have ever been in a situation where you just can’t shuck a perception or you are guilty of doing something memorable, for all the wrong reasons, and you just can’t change their opinion of you? Just wait. The world has a short term memory and an incredible case of ADD. No matter how hard we try in life to do the right thing, be the best person and try not to screw up-it happens. Like a bad nickname that attaches itself to you in college or the time you accidentally farted in a room full of people, louder than you thought it was going to come out, you get attached […]

Keep them off the pole

They say you have one job as a father of a girl and that is to keep her off the pole, but there are a lot more important things in life than just that… My daughter Erin just received an award from her school for her outstanding character. The recipients of this award are chosen by the other kids in the class and there are only a handful of children in the school that receive this acknowledgment each year. In the elementary world, this is a big deal. Her classmates stood up in front of a large room, filled with the whole 3rd grade, parents and faculty, and presented my 9 year old superstar with this award. As I listened […]

Why I am a terrible Catholic.

  I gave up dairy for lent this year. Every year, for the duration of lent, I give up something. Most of my deductions are food related and in years past I have given up excessive calories (anything over 2000), sugar, carbs, grains (beer was the target there) and fried food. One year I gave up swearing, but that lasted about 4 hours. I’m not a good Catholic at all, but I figure that doing this might make up for the fact that I only go to church on average a few times a year. I used to be good when I was a kid. I was an altar boy for about 10 years at Good Shepard Catholic Church. I […]