Unless I am sick as a dog, I haven’t slept past 7am on any day of the week, since maybe college? The internal alarm clock in my body goes off and the light switch in my head turns on and there is no going back. I’m awake. No matter how tired I may be from the day before or how bad I probably could use the extra sleep, there is no stopping my body from powering up. I’m honestly pretty robotic. It’s Saturday and I’m awake at 6:15am. I usually wake up at 5:30am. I slept in? I pop and crackle as I stretch out the kinks in my body from the strange sleep positions I contorted into while being […]

Burn Baby Burn!!

Throughout my entire childhood my dad preached to be less like him and more of my own person. To work smarter and use my brain more than my body. To not follow in his occupational footsteps. Sound familiar? Most people want their kids or the next generation to do something different and perhaps easier than what they have had to endure. They (should) want more for the next group and perceive their job or life as harder than and perhaps not as rewarding as what lies ahead for the next generation. My dad has probably said he hates his job more times than days I’ve been alive. He fights with his work and battles it with his mind and body. […]