Give as you live

Have you heard of The Moth podcast? It’s one of the few podcasts that I listen to. Actually, upon review, it might be the only podcast I actively listen to? (I need to get out more I guess). I have a few others that I download, but rarely consume and usually just delete to make space on my phone. I’m sure that’s what people do with my podcast, but thanks anyway for at least acknowledging it. (If you care, go to iTunes and look for Chase Patrick Murphy). If you read this blog and listen to podcasts, feel free to share with me a podcast you think I should check out. Anyway, The Moth is a podcast about real life […]

Connect the dots (La la la la)

  A few weeks ago a friend of mine was having a conversation with his wife about people in their collective lives and they challenged each other to associate each friend with one word that best describes that person. Somewhere in the conversation my name came up and my friend, of over 15 years, had to decide on what word to use for me.   You might be doing this right now with your list of friends as you read the words I wrote for this chapter. Eventually, you are going to get around to attempting to imagine what people would say about you. (It always comes back to “you”). You want to make sure you are projecting the right […]