I have one of those faces

  I found myself at the least happiest place on earth during the month of December. A place where every 5 minutes you see someone do the unthinkable. From cutting an old lady off to get a parking spot to seeing a customer yelling at a worker at a shorthanded jewelry store. I saw both of those things happen 10 minutes of each other while shopping at the mall for gifts for my family. In the season of peace, love and joy, the mall is a necessary hell on earth. I had to go there to get the things I needed. I can see the appeal of online shopping and getting Amazon to deliver it. In a world where we […]

Kids > Gin and Tonic

  Growing up, my sister was on her own. She was the lone girl in the wolf pack of boys. There was Kim and then there were the boys. We were grouped together always as “the boys”. The boys did this and The Boys did that. When bad things were done, it was rarely me or Jimmy or Michael, it was us. We were punished and grounded as a group and we were bragged about and rewarded as a group. Sometimes my sister would defend us to mom and dad or be the first to throw us under the bus. (Usually the latter). My mom would write a list of chores for each day of the summer and my sister […]