I get by with a little help from my friends…

A few months ago I was going though a rough patch. Nothing like a midlife crisis or anything, but more like a drain of emotions and energy. A bump in the road, more or less. (Perhaps it might be the male equivalent to “my time of the month”, because I just read online that this was a “thing”). I didn’t really know it at the time, but I was in need of some guidance. Someone to connect the dots a bit and get me from point A (the slump I was in) to point B (the other side).   The words that I needed to hear came in the form of a 90 minute phone call from a very good […]

So what next?

When you are on top of the world you are able to dream on a level that most people cannot fathom. The world is truly your oyster and roadblocks are seen as mere bumps along the way. Nobody can tell you what you cannot do because you won’t imagine it. When you are on a roll like this, life is like a wide open road with no traffic, stop signs or weather to slow you down.   Ronda Rousey said in an interview a few weeks ago that she could see herself holding a title in several different combat sports. In the near future, she could imagine herself being at the top in UFC, woman’s boxing and professional wrestling all at once. […]

The Balance of Love and Hate

Me: Why are you driving your sister crazy?  Why are you following her around?   Sean:  Because I love her.   When you’re 5 years old, your 8 year older sister hangs the moon. She’s the biggest influence in your life and even though she yells at you, hits you and tells you to go away, you can’t stop loving her. Partly because driving her nuts is so much fun.   Growing up being the middle son and the 3rd oldest of 4, I don’t recall too many serious moments or times where we didn’t love each other to the point of driving each other crazy. We fought and shouted, but in the same minute we were throwing things at […]