Passion is Priceless

  If I could pick one thing that I love to do and do it for the rest of my life, it would be to cook. I love to cook! Something about being able to take a bunch of things and turn them into one thing, while trying to balance out their attributes and contributions in such a way that it allows them to complement each other and create something new,¬†as if they were always supposed to be together to begin with, excites me. I flat out enjoy it. I don’t look at cooking as a chore or a bother, but rather an opportunity to create, share and sometimes teach. My mom feels the same way, so it could be […]

You think you know somebody

Sometimes the thing that makes you memorable is the thing you least expect or embrace. A close friend of mine is a working actress in NYC. She’s been in a ton of stuff that most of us have never seen and spends her days working on her craft and auditioning for parts. She makes a living in the largest market doing the thing she went to school to become. By career definition and accomplishments, she is an actress. She is very successful, but not a household name. Yet. She also enjoys Argentine Tango. I have known this woman for about 20 years and I have never had one conversation with her about Argentine Tango. I am confident that the only […]