Life goals and making it to 2nd base with a girl. (Make it a Blockbuster night)

Honesty is the best policy. No matter what happens or how things pan out, knowing you were up front and honest is always the best policy. You have to put it out there in order to insure that you are not wasting your time or giving people opportunities to warp or even steal away your goals. You have to be committed to “this is who I am and this is what I am about”. I’ve been asked out by a few girls in my life. Not bragging, just saying. Not the kind of asking out where they meet you at a club or party and give you the “one night stand green light”, but the old fashioned “can we go […]

Roach motels, layovers, hernias and doing the right thing.

  If you’ve read more than one of my blogs over the years, you would know that I like to write in airports. Something about traveling and the change of scenery and people watching gets my creative juices flowing and being alone allows me the time to put some words into my iPhone as I wait for my plane to depart. I don’t get a lot of alone time, so I try to make the best of it when I do. Today, I am at the Moline/Quad Cities airport bar. I just dropped my niece back off with her mother after 3 weeks of fun filled Texas summer break fun! I love my niece. I hate this airport. Worst food, […]

Life is like a warm bottle of Pepsi

Forest Gump’s mom was wrong. When we took family trips my parents only bought us one soda (Pepsi) and a bag of chips. All 4 of us had to share these items. With the chips, it was a free for all, just reach in and grab, but with the soda, there was a different method of distribution. The bottle of soda, that might have been 16oz, went from oldest to youngest with the hierarchy of sips. First my sister Kim, then my brother Michael, then me, then Jimmy. Jimmy was the last to get a swig of soda. Jimmy often got stuck with the backwash. Backwash is something that you don’t really become aware of till you get older. Poor […]