This One Time, At Band camp…

I showed up for college more than a week before the rest of the school was required to check in. Not because I wanted to get a good head start on my college education, but because I was in the marching band.  Now before you start making all the band geek jokes or tease me about “this one time, at band camp”, I would like to point out that I passed on two opportunities to play Junior College baseball in order to go to a four year school closer to home. Playing the trombone was something that I was good enough at, that it allowed me an opportunity to pay a little less to go to school. That, and yes, […]

Turn your head and cough

Sitting and watching Orange is the New Black the other night and I randomly had a memory about having to get a sports physical when I was in high school. Weird right? Nothing about the episode triggered it-it was just one of those odd flashbacks that resurface from time to time. Not some strange repressed memory where I suddenly feel scarred from having to turn my head and cough, but one of laughter. Uncontrollable laughter.   We’ve all done it. Laughing till we cannot control ourselves; brought on by nervous feelings and thoughts. Please tell me I am not alone in this? Almost every time I am at the doctor’s office, I get a strange feeling that comes over me. […]

Dad Life (The Movie)

The glow on their faces as they swirled and waved their sparklers was something out of an Americana  movie. The smoke in the air and the firework shows from several surrounding towns was the backdrop for this amazing visual. The addition of the delayed booms after the sight of lights dancing in the sky completed the opening scene to the movie. Many people were celebrating Independence Day, but I was celebrating being a father. By far, my most favorite role in life and one that I truly feel I was born to play. I assure you, there is nothing better for a man. My 5 year old son asked me if I miss being a kid. I told him “every […]