The Life and Times of Deputy Doug!

Almost the entire time I was growing up it seemed like someone was living with us? My parents would have friends that were going through difficult times and those people always seemed to end up living in our guest bedroom or couch. Wives would throw them out or they would lose their jobs or go through some sort of rough patch in life and they would find themselves sitting at our dinner table. They were all good people and my parents would never expose us to anyone that they didn’t trust. You have to understand that my dad is a very intimidating man and feared by many, but deep down inside, had a soft spot for people who just needed […]

It Builds Character

Anything and everything that “built character” my siblings and I convinced ourselves that it was something we needed to do. My parents would use this phrase often to get us to do chores or tasks that were not always the most fun. Adding the phrase “it builds character” to tasks is the equivalent to saying “do this and you’ll get a surprise” or in our case “do this and mom and dad won’t beat you”.  Let me be clear. We thought it was all bullshit, but we still did it. We just needed to feel like we were getting something out of the chore. Kind of like when the car dealership gives you free oil changes for 2 years. “You […]