Tall Tales from a College Dorm Room

I had a roommate in college that could tell one hell of a story. He had this unique ability where he could tell you the same story three times, change the ending each time and you believed (or at least wanted to believe) that each version was true. It truly was a remarkable talent. We sat through the bullshit of the story just to see where he was going to take us in the end; knowing we had just heard this same story 3 days ago. You wanted to believe it because he did such a great job of providing the visuals for the storyline.  He spoke in a matter of fact way, his punchlines were tight and the endings […]

My Wonder Years.

Today I was driving in South Austin and I stopped at a light. Suddenly, as I looked around, I realized that my surroundings were very familiar. The names of the businesses and the color of the buildings had changed, but the memories came rushing at me like a locomotive. I was in my old neighborhood. The light turned green and instead of listening to Siri, telling me to turn left, I turned right. Although I had never driven the streets, I knew them well. The Safeway that is now a Sprouts.  The BBQ place that was now a Mexican restaurant. The neighborhood that was huge in the eyes of an 8 year old kid was now just a couple of […]