Do you have a card?

I always preach the importance of being memorable. I spend a good bit of time calculating ways of making sure that I “win” most of my first impressions. I assure you this is not something driven by ego or competition. By “winning”, I want to make sure I take away knowledge from the conversation and I want to ensure that they remember me or things about me. Good things.  First impressions are important in business and in the general establishing of healthy relationships. Picking up takeaways in conversations not only help your relationship with that person, but also helps in future conversations with similar subject matter. (I’ve never ran a marathon, but I can talk about it because I know […]

There’s a sucker born every minute!

Too often we believe what we read. We believe what the people on TV tell us to believe. Sometimes we dismiss our doctor’s advice and buy into something we read on someone else’s Facebook wall. I “learned” how to be a better shot with a rifle because of something I read in a Jack Reacher book. We are more influenced today than ever before. We are all a bunch of sheep. We believe what sounds the most rational to us and what, most likely, asks us to do the least amount of work.  We take pills because it’s easier than going to the gym or facing the fact that we eat too damn much. If it sounds good in our […]