Kanye West is Crazy.

Kanye West is crazy.  So there I was, sitting in a room in LA, listening to all the major and indie record companies pitch their new artist projects for the current year.  Heads of companies came out, played parts of songs and introduced sizzle reel after sizzle real in hopes that the room would fall in love with a project and look for me, and others like me. to support that artist on the radio.  Lives are often changed in meetings like this and fans are created.  An artist can go from Starbucks Barista to chart topping pop star in just one catchy song hook.  It’s an amazing event and it’s a blessing to be able to experience it.  Then […]

Why you still hate your high school coach.

After you watch a football game the sidelines reporter almost always grabs a player that made a noteworthy play during the game, for some sort of postgame interview.  When it’s a Quarterback, you usually get the routine answers, accompanied with a big “aww shucks” smile, talking about how great the team played and how he, personally, needs to work on a few things and his team helped him out and blah blah blah.  It’s pretty much the same formula each time and you aren’t going to get a great or memorable quote from the leader of the team. When you get a player that doesn’t usually get the camera time; that’s a whole different interview!  I love it when the […]

Life is too short to…

  Life is too short to… Not drink, smoke or eat the “good stuff”. Smoking-meaning the good cigars. Anything else is classless.   Life is too short to… Never actually cash in the rainy day fund. I don’t know anybody that didn’t cry during the first 15 minutes of the Disney/Pixar movie UP.  Learn from Mr. Fredricksen. Life is too short to… Not make goals, but don’t make those goals your master.  Set them. Own them. Just know that they are marks in life and not something that should blind you from other wonderful things. Life is too short to… To be petty.  Yet, it’s important that you age better than your classmates or exes. You can’t let them win. […]