An Asshole Story!

It shouldn’t have to be said, but we all need to take some time to remind ourselves to not be an asshole. It’s easy to be an asshole. Say what’s on your mind all the time, no filters, do whatever you want and not care about the thoughts or feelings of others. Being an asshole is liberating and there are times in life where it should be the perfect option for what’s on deck. Yet, some of us are too comfortable living in this world and we find ourselves punching the asshole card way too often. Today I am picking up my niece for a week of fun in Texas. I fly up to Chicago, pick her up and fly […]


I want to do more in my career and grow as a professional.  Like many of you, I would welcome having a big fancy title, huge corner office or become the owner of something successful and profitable. Watching my professional worth accumulate while my bank account grows would be an amazing thing and I hope that it happens someday.  Big professional and financial goals, along with many smaller ones, are always good to have.  Yet, it doesn’t make a huge difference at the end of the day does it?  Years from now, nobody will care about your fancy title. Yes, money affords certain opportunities and gives you the ability to spoil yourself and others in your life. Money helps you […]

I am an open book

Truth be told, it’s not an easy thing to put your heart on your sleeve a couple of times a month and share thoughts and feelings with the world; or at least to those who have the time to click the link to the blogs I post.  I don’t always share intimate feelings or deep dark secrets, but the act of sharing your perspective or beliefs with the world can be terrifying to some. Putting your ideas out there can be challenging.  I do take the time to write and rewrite some of my opinions and thoughts, but not for the reason of worrying about offending people that read my entries.  My rewrites are done to make sure that the […]