And The Winner Of The Sad Sack Award Goes To…

We all know someone that has it worse than we do. They carry around mental and maybe physical scars that they use to try to impress us with. Whatever terrible story from your childhood you bring to the table, they have experienced something way worse and carry that sadness like a badge of honor. It’s one thing to own your scars, it’s another thing to constantly draw them like an insecure sword and gain attention through pity.  Congrats. You win. I’m not even going to watch the race, let alone allow myself to enter. Stop. Fueling your fragile ego with the attention you get through the pity of others is no way to move forward in life. I have had […]

Do you have a drama addiction?

I find it interesting when I see people cleaning up their social media pages and dumping followers to insure that only the right people are reading their very “important” posts.  The self-inflated “I am dropping people from my Facebook page because I am making changes in my life…blah blah blah”.  Here’s a novel idea, why don’t you just do it and not make an announcement about it?  We all have a few 100 people on our friends list and there is a good chance they probably won’t even notice if you dropped them.  Yet, you want to make an announcement.  You want the attention.  You want the drama.  “Hey look at me everybody! Not just anybody can be my Facebook […]

The Reaping and Sowing of Networking

“You reap what you sow”. The problem with most of us (ok maybe all of us) when it comes to that phrase is that we don’t have the patience for it to come full circle. We live in a “gotta see it now” society that is void of patience.  If projects or relationships don’t immediately yield results, we pull out and move on to something new. We know it’s not healthy, but we just can’t help ourselves. Remember, you will never reap the immediate results of the sowing of today. Like you, it’s often a challenge for me to see things through to the end. Much of my workday is measured by results and the immediacy that comes with having […]