Drawing the line

There are people that feel compelled to always draw battle lines.  Constantly testing relationships and the distance people will go for you is not the healthiest way to live your life or build relationships. By continuing to separate yourself from the world and challenging the depth of your relationships, you will end up isolated and longer than arms length from the ones you want attention and support from. Don’t be a separator of things-be a unifier. Don’t push or pull-attract. Be magnetic and not polarizing.  Be inclusive and not exclusive. Be a flame. Standing with your arms folded, waiting for the world to see it your way and adapt to you is a ridiculous waste of time. Pouting till the […]

Climbing the refrigerator totem pole

It occurred to me, the other morning while grabbing my jug of unsweet tea to have with breakfast, that everything that “belongs” to me in the Murphy family refrigerator is on the bottom shelf. The cottage cheese-bottom Unsweet tea-bottom Roast beef lunch meat-bottom. Spicy V-8-bottom   The only thing that would be considered 100% “mine” in the fridge would be the beer. Beer, the beverage that truly belongs to the head of the household, is the only thing that consistently resides on the top shelf. My wife probably puts it there so I can’t make the kids get it for me since they can’t reach the top shelf of the fridge. I’m certain that this is her way of holding something […]