Because you NEED to.

I often write about my children.  They are the most amazing people in my life.  Because of them, I #tryharder.  I test and push myself to be better because they deserve a dad that desires to be the role model they can be proud of.  I want them to grow up never doubting how much their dad loves them or see limits to that love.  Like most parents, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children.  I am terrible with remembering directions.  I could potentially get lost, every day, as I drive home from work.  Yet, there are moments, conversations and events, from 10+ years prior, that I can recall almost verbatim.  I was in a communications class in […]

What’s your superpower?

What skill or ability do you possess that helps you to stand out?  Something that enhances your career or personal life.  A skill that helps you and others. Do you even know what it is or do you not have the confidence to acknowledge or embrace that skill? Are you using this superpower for good or evil?  (Yes, a lot of questions to hit you with so early in this posting) I have two awesome kids.  Anyone that knows me, knows that my kids rule my life.  They are the fuel that drives me to be a better person.  They are animated, but well behaved.  They take over and own every room they walk into.  Christal and I are beyond […]