When you are a kid you are proud of your scars. You show off your scabs like badges of honor and accomplishment.  You’ve done something that hurt you and eventually made you more interesting, stronger or better. You jumped a ramp, landed wrong and busted your lip, knee or elbow. Or maybe all three?  Awesome! If you have lived your whole life without getting a scar, you were one lame ass kid for sure. Your parents or people in your life didn’t push you hard enough. You never succumbed to peer pressure. You never accepted a dare or ever got into a fight.  Traditionally, as you get older, your mental scars seem to take over the storyline and your physical […]

Hi Friends.

I have the ability to make deep and meaningful connections with people within hours, sometimes minutes after meeting them.  If this would be considered a talent, then I guess I have this talent?  I don’t know how it all started or what I do differently than others, but some of my deepest relationships are with people that I have only logged a few hours hanging out with in person.  Some people can do other amazing things; I just know how to talk to people. My friends in college used to say that I could get someone to tell me everything about themselves within 5 minutes after meeting them. They would watch, as I systematically broke down the walls around a […]