Just One Word

When I was a kid, I wanted to be the best. That’s what kids want.  Not just to participate in things, but to be the best.  Not just the best at one thing, but the best at everything.  You want to be recognized for being the best.  Win things because you are the best.  My brothers and I would always compete to see who could throw the football the best, hit the baseball the farthest and run the fastest.  We competed to be the best and when we realized who was the best at something, then that kid was labeled as the best and would carry that title forever.  “He’s the best football thrower”.  You needed to convey that information […]

Kids and Bubble Wrap (Preventing the Cheese Touch)

Your children cannot live in bubble wrap.  They will suffocate and die.  It’s a fact, look it up. When raising kids, you want to do your best to set them on a healthy course for success and growth.  You want their accomplishments to eclipse anything you have ever done in life and above all, you don’t want to screw them up.  Need an example?  Google “keeping your daughter off the pole”.  That should help! Your shortcomings or the obstacles you faced in your life should not get in the way of properly raising your kids.  Just because you spent every day of grade school getting a wedgie, swirly, or stuffed in a locker, doesn’t mean they will suffer the same […]

Live like you are LIVING, not dying.

The other day my best friend and I were having lunch together and in the middle of the meal I said to him “I just want you to know how proud I am of you and all that you have been able to accomplish”.  Strange and unexpected statement to be made while we were stuffing out faces with as much unhealthy BBQ as we could eat in the 30 minutes we allow ourselves for lunch, right?  I continued to praise him and used examples of the past year to validate why I felt inclined to make the previous statement. I think everyone, no matter the level of success, needs to hear that.  Not lip service, but legitimate and heartfelt praise […]