You gotta fast car.

I got a plane ticket to Greenville, Sc I don’t close myself off to the world as I write in public.  My senses are actually heightened by the conversations that are happening around me.  I try to focus on these interactions to see if there are any takeaways to be had; as I wait for the guy at the gate to crack the mic to remind me, again, that my flight has been pushed back for some reason. There’s a lady talking about her trip to Seattle last month, a guy reading his wife’s Cosmo magazine, a group of young boys on a baseball team that look like a rowdy bunch, a girl dressed a little too sexy for air […]


I don’t want to be forgettable. I don’t want regrets.   I would like to think that I have made a lasting impression on others during my short time here on earth. If a bus hits me tomorrow, I feel confident that people would travel to pay their respects and mourn my passing.  Not that this is a measure of a person or a life lived, but being honest here, nobody wants a weak attendance at their last big “performance”.  My brother passed away over a year ago and I am still learning more about who he was to others. I shared bathtubs, bunk beds and clothes with him, but there were stories and things about him that I never […]

Why should I buy you?

If you were a product, what promises would you make about yourself?  What would be your campaign to get people to “like” or “purchase” you? Put yourself in the position of being the next Pepsi of the world.  How would you market yourself differently than all the sodas out there? (“pop” if you are reading this in the Midwest)  You probably haven’t thought about it or compared yourself to a product on the shelves of a grocery store, but every day of your life you are marketing and selling yourself to others.  Every day people are formulating an opinion of you and you are formulating an opinion of them.   It’s natural.  Nothing superficial about it. “Selling” yourself is never […]