Wanna make out?

When I went away to college I would often come back home to visit my family and friends.  Some friends were still in high school or just happened to be home at the same time I was. My college was 180 miles from my hometown and several people I went to high school with would make the same trip back and forth, so I got to carpool and catch a ride about every 3-4 weeks.  Growing up in a small town with not a lot to do in regards to entertainment, like a mall or a movie theatre, the common thing to do was to find a group of people on a Friday or Saturday night that were often near […]

Try. Harder.

If you follow me on social media, you would know why I use those two words a lot in the pictures I post. For those who do not follow me, I have a reputation of posting pictures of terrible parking jobs I see, under the heading of “Try.  Harder”.  People who cannot get their vehicle between the lines are lazy and just satisfied with their first attempt.  They don’t care about the others they inconvenience in the process and don’t feel the need to do anything more than get the car somewhere near the barriers.  They don’t try harder, they are just satisfied that the car was close. In life and in business, sometimes you have to try harder.  Take […]

Get out of your bubble.

We all get stuck in our “me” bubble from time to time and we may need to reprogram ourselves to get out.   I get a lot of questions thrown my way.  Perhaps it’s the nature of my job or that people are truly interested in my thoughts and opinions on topics or how my family is doing. I often spend conversations crafting answers to questions and I don’t get a chance to ask as many questions back as I would like. I feel guilty.  I would prefer asking people about their day or how they feel about things.  Because of these moments, I often feel like I come across as “that guy” who is stuck in his bubble. All […]