Why so serious?

Anytime you scroll through your Facebook news feed, one or many of your friends are pissed off about something.  It doesn’t matter if it’s political or just a comment on something they saw that day; people use these soundboards and soundboards like it to express their feelings to the world.  The often do this to get consensus from others in their pursuit to be right. Some of you agree with and some make you want to unfriend them. Some you want to unfriend, but you secretly enjoy the drama.  Don’t lie! You cannot be offended unless you want to be offended. Many of us walk around waiting for someone or something to set us off so that we can feel […]

It’s been a year.

March 18th 2013 my brother Michael fell asleep and died.  A year of traditions, holidays and random days without him all checked off and acknowledged.  Each day serving as a stepping stone or checkpoint towards getting us closer and passed the anniversary of his death. Getting through and getting passed has been somewhat of a mantra for me this year as I know that the first round of these days will potentially get easier in the years to come. Supposedly time heals pain.   A year of reflection and honoring my brother the way we probably should honor each other in life and not just in death.  A year of grabbing the phone to text or call him to share […]

Life tipping.

I almost always tip 20%. Even with mediocre or average service, you still get 20% from me. There have only been a few moments in my life where I haven’t tipped at all, but those events were justified by the level of terrible service. Even I have my limits!  Why always 20%? Because it’s easy math. This may come as a big surprise to my mother, but I had a few beers before my 21st birthday!  What!?  Yes, I am a terrible person!  When finding and keeping an over the age person to buy you beer, it’s necessary to tip that person.  If he buys you a 12 pack, you throw in enough extra money so that he can buy […]

Pull The Trigger! People are talking!

Some great quotes on my book Pull The Trigger.  “You’ll find yourself picking this book up, opening it up just about anywhere. Always a quick lesson and a friendly reminder”. “Pull the Trigger does an excellent job of teaching you the concepts you need to succeed in business and in life and the author skillfully presents the material in the form of anecdotal stories and witty examples that make the book an enjoyable read”. “The author teaches you to enjoy the triumphs, learn from the failures and get back up and take another punch from life when tragedy strikes – and even how to take satisfaction from tragedy by rebounding back from adversity and resisting the temptation to fall into […]

Dumb Sh#t Things

Things that you used to lose sleep over or worry about, you now find to be so trivial and lame.  You can’t roll your eyes and discount others as they experience those same things and react how you used to react.  You tell them that everything will be fine or this too shall pass, but nobody believes you no matter how old or wise you are perceived to be by others.  When I was a kid, my mom used to call me “Nervous Norman”. I used to worry about a lot of things and most of them were things that were beyond my control.  My stomach would get tied up in knots and I would pace the floor worrying about […]