I pity the fool!

Are you projecting the wrong image of yourself? People do it all the time.  It can be on purpose or just a result of years of just assuming a certain role.  You find a comfortable place in acting or feeling a certain way and you kind of just stay there, often with no rhyme or reason.   You’re the life of the party, so you keep up that image by putting on a front of being the loudest and drunkest person in the room. You’re the lovable loser…always projecting the loser part. You’re the guy who is mad at the world and you feed off of everyone trying to cheer you up. You’re the “find the negative in everything girl”. […]

It’s not what it used to be.

It’s not as fun or as exciting as it was years ago.  Seeing it through new eyes versus filtered, scarred and experience-filled eyes, tends to alter and warp what was once perceived to be “perfect” or “beautiful”.  No matter how hard you swim against the tide and swing at the windmills Don Quixote style, it will never truly change the progression of things. Good or bad, things evolve and you are either tasked with the challenge of steering them into the future or become the anchor that will eventually be severed by the ship of progress- regardless if you agree with that progress.  Things have to change. They have to evolve. Even if evolution is eventually the thing that kills […]

Sweet Child of Mine

A while back I replaced the battery in my 1965 Chevy truck.  I attached the cables, sat down in the cab and turned the engine over.  After a couple of attempts, the engine cranked and Bessie (that’s her name) started up. As I put my foot on the gas pedal, I decided to turn up the radio.  Yes, it’s a sweet Alpine stereo with a cassette option hooked up to 2 cheap speakers from the early 90s. I didn’t install this “booming system”, it came with the truck when I bought it off of Ebay a few years ago.  Try not to be jealous.  The song that came on, starting from the first note as I turned on the radio, […]

Underdogs and losers. (A blog for a friend of mine).

You can have all the gunpowder, ability and torque in the world, but if you lack the target, the bullseye, the ambition or drive necessary to funnel and push that talent; then you and everyone else will never discover your potential.  There are people who spend much of their life spinning their wheels. They build up energy and ability, but never seize the opportunity to execute. To put that energy into motion. Instead, it’s safer to keep that ability under wraps or just as bad, they lack the confidence to show it off.  Everyone loves an underdog story.  None of us really believe, as individuals, that we are the king of the castle.  Sure, you can be part of a […]