You are in control of your options. Learning another craft, vocation or hobby gives you options. Some people don’t know their options in dating till they go outside of their comfort zone or “type “. Dating older or younger, different races or people that you don’t imagine yourself with, gives you more options.   People get divorced because they want more options. A big negative side of that one is when they realize their new options might not be as great as what they had with the old set of options. Yet, in order to know what you like or what you think you want, you may have to cross that line. I worked with a guy who was married, […]

Lip service and John Mayer

I’m not a fan of lip service. If you mean something, then say it.  If you don’t really mean it, then shut up and move on.   The popular John Mayer song “say what you need to say” was probably the easiest song ever written. Think about it, the song basically says the title over and over again, 83 times, with little to no other words between.  Pretty genius. John made a lot of money off of those 6 words and I’m not hating.  The man is rich and gets to see Katy Perry naked anytime he wants to. Props.  In my single days in college, my first roommate gave me some advice about dating. He was older and had […]

Listen. Don’t ask questions.

Since childhood and throughout your life, you are encouraged to ask questions. I am a father if two small children, so there is no shortage of questions being asked in the Murphy house. Although questions are always encouraged-asking questions isn’t the best way to gain knowledge. Listening is far more effective.  I have a friend who hates awkward silence. It’s obvious.  Whenever there is a lull in any conversation, he starts asking random questions. Lots of questions and almost everything he can think of. I don’t think he knows that I have caught onto his crutch, but sometimes just for fun, I will force awkward silence just to watch him squirm and force “noise” into the lull in conversation.  I’m […]