The right thing is rarely the easy thing.

Everyone has an opinion and, good intentions or not, they will share it with you.  Everyone has advice on how you should live your life and often they do more damage than good.  Most of the time, it comes from a place of love and a desire to help a friend in need.  Other times, advice can come from a place of selfish needs.  When you read my blogs, you are doing it voluntarily, so don’t loop me in with that pushy group! “He is a dick and you should have broken up with him years ago”. 3 days later you are back together and you now know how your friend REALLY feels about the guy you are dating.  The […]


It’s a challenge for anyone to resist the urge to retaliate. It’s hard to turn the other cheek and let karma just run its course. Although it’s bad karma to wish ill upon anyone regardless who is in the right. Isn’t it?  I once worked with someone who was at war with a fellow coworker. So much that this person let their disdain for this other person, consume them to the point of no return. Instead of doing what they were paid to do-they made it their job to sabotage the other person. They figured that if they could paint this other person in a negative light, they would be rewarded somehow. You know the rest right? They eventually got […]

You can’t take it with you.

My niece sleeps with my brothers old Green Bay Packers jersey. Truth be told, my brother didn’t own much when it came to valuable possessions. When we finally received his belongings, you could fit pretty much everything he owned into the trunk of a car.  He left his writings, pictures, a few guitars and not a whole lot of anything else. He did leave a lot of memories and funny stories that outweigh his lack of worldly possessions.  If you could, it would be nice to leave others something to hang onto.  Leave things that would only hold value to those who truly loved you. If you have ever lost someone, you would know that possessions that hold some sort […]

Get up.

Years ago, back when I was a teenager, I had a near death experience. My dad, cousin and I were helping a family friend build an electronic gate on their ranch. We were making trips back and forth from the house to the gate location, while riding on a flat bed trailer. At some point in the trip, the trailer came unhitched from the truck and the three of us (dad, me and my cousin) all jumped from the trailer as it was headed downhill.  If we would have stayed on, chances are we would have died or been hurt more than we were.  When I jumped, my feet hit the ground first and then my head. After laying on […]