Bad guys.

Saturday is my day to sleep in.  My daughter wakes me up at 7am, like clockwork. She, like me, has an alarm clock setting in her head that doesn’t let her sleep past 7am. The last time I slept passed 7am I was probably deathly ill or something. 7am is sleeping in for me.  Erin climbed into bed and snuggled up with me as she does every Saturday morning. She got settled in and then asked me “Daddy, what are you afraid of”?   Things fired off in my brain as I processed the question and tried to format my answer for the audience of a 6 year old. Of course I have fears.  We are all afraid of something. […]

Goals and Godzilla

My kids asked me to play blocks with them tonight.  My head has about 100 things going on in it, so the invitation of taking round, square, triangle and rectangle shapes and creating something seemed appealing. Besides, I have awesome kids, so I am into whatever they are into.  Sometimes doing something that doesn’t require a lot of thought is needed when you have a lot on your mind. For me, sadly, the brain doesn’t shut off…unless I am drunk. That doesn’t happen too often. Being drink isn’t probably the best way to play blocks or Jenga. (I haven’t had anything to drink tonight in case anyone was wondering). We are all born with the need to accomplish goals. It’s […]


Kids are cool.  If you don’t have any, you should go get some. Buy them.  Steal them.  Just get some.  They are awesome tax deductions. We have two. A girl and a boy.  6 and 3. We’ll have more once we win the lottery.  Becoming a father is the coolest thing I have ever done.  Kids enhance anything you could ever experience.   Impromptu dance parties.   You wear Mickey Mouse ears with your name on the back for 5 days in a row. They ruin your clothes and they insist that you kiss them when they are covered in food or snot.  You do it, because that’s what you do.  Nobody goes to bed till the special blanket comes […]