Do your homework. (It helps you get the job and the chicks).

I am 15+ years removed from the world of dating and the thought of being single scares me to death. I didn’t have the “tools” of courtship that today’s single people possess.  Daters today have text messaging, social media, email and more.  In order to learn more about the person you are going out with for the first time on Friday; all you have to do is look them up on Facebook and hope they don’t have their account set to private. You can learn a ton of things from just a few minutes of Facebook stalking. Where they go, who they hang out with, what they love, hate, read, watch and does for fun. There is no such thing […]

Nobody dreams about being a backup.

Whenever you see an interview with a backup QB, the answer to any questions about their preparation for each week is inevitably answered with this theme…”I practice as if I am the starter and will be ready whenever my team needs me”. Can you really practice as if you are a starter?  You won’t get the reps that the starter gets nor will you have the opportunity to practice with the team in the same capacity.  For the most part, it is a stock answer to a predictable interview question and it represents the statement that people want to hear.  Nobody dreams about being a backup.  Part of waiting for your turn is saying the right stuff.  For some, it’s […]

Throwing someone under a bus.

There is only one true reason to do it and that is to move forward.  In order to climb the ladder in life, sometimes you have to toss someone under the bus and expose a weakness in the chain.  If your story is not being told or the truth, as you see it, is not being brought to light, then throwing throwing someone under the bus might be the answer. If another person is blocking the rungs of the ladder that you are prepared to climb, then a challenge needs to be issued.  Just be prepared to suffer the consequences if you are defeated.  Gut check before you open your mouth.   I played the trombone in school.  Chair tryouts […]

Leave a message at the beep.

Sitting in deadlock traffic, something I do twice a day in order to pay the mortgage, my brain started to trigger some funny memories about my brother Michael.  So I started to wonder about something….   The other day I realized I had 12 voicemail messages saved on my phone.  I wonder if one of them was from him? He was known for leaving epic messages that sometimes were so long that he would get cut off-only to call back and pick up where he left off.  In a day and age where we think just calling and seeing your name and number left on the call log is good enough to warrant a return call; my brother would leave […]