Sharing is caring…but creating is better.

If you spend any amount of time on twitter, pretty much every post is about why everyone should pay attention to “me”.  I’m just as guilty of posting self serving comments in an effort to grow readership of my blog or for people to actually care about something I wrote or “favorite” a joke that I told with the use of just a handful of characters.  If we wanted nobody to read it, we wouldn’t post it right?   Since writing this blog, I have been followed by quite a few authors, self help gurus and teams of social media specialists.  Most I have followed back in an effort to not be a jerk that didn’t return the favor.  Then […]

It’s the little things. Popcorn is better than Taylor Swift.

I live a blessed life. In a “why me God” world, where I have had my share of bad times, I can’t get too depressed without telling myself to knock it off.  It’s not eternal optimism.  It’s just me being honest with myself about what life is all about and how I choose to navigate through the ups and downs.   My brother had his share of bad times.  Admittedly so, as he would honestly tell you, was a combination of bad luck and stupidity. Trouble would find him, but more often than not, he would seek it out on his own and meet it head on.  He would get depressed just like anyone else, but would always come to […]

Break the cycle. Don’t be a d-bag.

I don’t believe in hazing. I never joined a frat.  If anything, I helped to create a parody of a frat when I was in college (long story).  I had plenty of friends in college and my perception of frats was more for others that felt the need to belong or individuals that had a hard time meeting others without some sort of formal structure.  I never saw the social allure of joining these groups or career advantages that possibly came with these organizations.  I am not judging those who did.  Different people need different things and to each their own.       Hazing happens in aspects of our lives we never imagined and it happens daily. I have […]