What version of your life will be told to future generations?

Living is a tricky thing.  We squander away much of your time on earth.  Sometimes a life event happens and a switch somewhere in our brain ends up flipping.  For many, it’s an event like getting married or becoming a parent.  For others it’s a death of a family member or somebody close to you.  Cancer, or a horrible disease like it, can trigger a life changing moment. Since the death of my brother Michael, some 4 months ago, I have had a somewhat different perspective on things. I have always tried to take in “the moment” and embrace what life deals us with arms wide open.  Where others watch life events through the small screen of a cell phone, […]

There is a reason the fat kid gets picked last!

Brainstorming needs to be an exclusively inclusive process.  (Read it again if you don’t get it).   Let’s be honest, not all ideas are good ideas and many people are not great at the brainstorming process.  I am blessed to have worked with some of the most creative people in my industry.  I have also worked with people that are not only uncreative, but have the ability to stop the creative process dead in its tracks.  Sadly, if you lack the ability to be creative, you may never gain that skill.  You either got it or you don’t.   When putting together a productive brainstorming session, you have to look at it much like picking an all-star kickball team.  The […]

Save the drama for your mama!

This past weekend, we took a family trip to visit my wife’s half of the family.  We had a quick and easy hot dog and hamburger type dinner gathering.  Very informal.  Nothing fancy.  Even the beer was blue collar and obviously purchased by someone who doesn’t drink the stuff.  Beggars can’t be choosers I guess, but even hobos would probably pass on this college budget friendly beverage.   The gathering took place at the house of my wife’s grandmother.  Everyone divvied up the responsibilities of the party so that “Nanna” could visit with everyone and not have to worry about grilling and hosting.   I don’t need to paint the picture anymore than this; we have all been to this […]