Pulling the trigger.

I was having a somewhat serious phone conversation with a friend of mine the other morning.  He is currently going through a career reinvention and asked me an interesting question.  If you know me or have read any of my blogs, you can deduce that I am a pretty positive person.  Regardless of my direction or path, the end result is always focused on getting positive results and learning something along the way.  Sure, I might be sarcastic in my approach, but the overall tone is always positive.   His questions?  What was my defining moment?   Not a light topic or question.  Not something that can be answered without a moment of thought and reflection.  I paused for a […]

Changing lanes and opening eyes. (My view from a Ford Escape)

I spend about an hour and a half a day sitting in the cab of my Ford Escape.  It has a 120,000 miles on it, but it’s been paid off for well over 3 years.  When it finally dies, I will consider paying cash for something and drive that till it dies.  Car payments are my least favorite payment.  During this time on the road I get an opportunity to observe a lot about the human condition and have come to a conclusion about people.  The way you drive is often a direct correlation to the type of person you are.  It’s not necessarily what you drive, but how you drive, that is the most telling.  You cannot make assumptions […]

No thanks. I am fine kicking my own ass.

Mental toughness.   Also means “amount of crap one can deal with”.  I would like to think that I come from a long line of mentally tough people. People who are built to cope and handle more “crap” than others.  I’m certainly not suggesting that I have had it any rougher than anyone else, just that my genetic makeup proves that when it comes to handling things-I tend to be able to deal with these issues without allowing my hair to catch on fire.  I am not better than anyone, just built different than many.  If you have ever been one to read prose and poetry, I have always loved “IF” from Rudyard Kipling.  I have mentioned this in previous […]

Life and movie trailers.

Life and movie trailers.  One of my favorite things about going to the movies is being able to watch all the trailers.  A two minute highlight reel of possibilities and potential.  A glimpse of what could end up being one of the greatest movies of all time or a box office bust. Often, you an tell which one is which by the trailer.  The romance, the plot twists and the fast paced action all capsulated in a 2 minute package that is meant to bring you in and leave you wanting more.  Or at least give you enough time to pee or get napkins for the popcorn before the good stuff start happening.    If your life was a movie […]