CDs, comic books, cigars and bubble wrap. The finer things in life.

This past weekend I opened a box set of CDs that would be considers, if left unopened, worth a few bucks in the years to come.   Since moving back to Texas almost 16 months ago (I grew up here) my parents have given me several things from my childhood that some would consider to be worth some money.  I was quite the collector as a kid.  100s of comic books and 10s of thousands of baseball cards have recently been given back to me.  All neatly packaged in plastic by the 12 year old version of myself.  The other night I smoked a very expensive cigar that I had been saving in my humidor for a special occasion.  I […]

Do one thing and do it well.

You can be successful in life if you do one thing better than most.  Do one thing well and you can potentially write your ticket to greatness.  Even in a world where jobs are consolidated and many of us are asked to do more, people continue to find ways to excel by just doing one thing better than the rest.   What’s your one thing?   I always preach to others the need to be more than just a one trick pony, but as I look at the entire career playing field, the people who do one thing really well still find a place in the system.  It’s that one thing that opens the doors.  That one thing that gets […]

Yes. The answer should be yes.

When you look back at your life, you realize that the many of your regrets or memories are based around things you didn’t do; opposed to things you did do.  When faced with the decision of yes versus no, we often opt to just say no.  Why?  Because its easier to say no.  After no, there is less follow up.  Less energy expelled.  Less explanation.  No is the punctuation- where yes is the beginning of the story. Too often, we say no for the sake of saying no. I m just as guilty as anyone when it comes to this and looking back (thanks hindsight) I might have missed out on some pretty cool experiences.  I try to live life […]

Leave your mark!

With the recent death of my brother Michael, thoughts of mortality have been heavy in my mind. Between writing his obituary, performing his eulogy and all the thoughts and feelings that go along with those things, I feel the need to move forward, but perhaps use these past few weeks as a foundation for a few of my blog topics.  At his funeral, the Priest said in his speech, “It is not the number of years you live, but how you live those years”.  That obviously struck a chord with me and probably most people at the funeral. When you die, what will be left?  I’m not talking about materialistic things.  What kind of mark will you leave on this […]