The eulogy of Michael James Murphy.

I have had several requests from people who wanted a copy of this.  I will share it with you now. This day comes with great sadness, but at the same time closure to a very long and pain filled week.  When we think of my brother Michael we cry, but we also laugh.  We are angry, but also relieved.  In Life, much like in death,  these are the emotions that come with loving my brother.      Michael would often quote Dr. Seuss.  Upon searching for suitable quotes, to use for his eulogy,  I stumbled across this one.   Adults are obsolete children. My brother Michael was one of the last of the Peter Pan lost boys of the world…refusing […]

My beautiful brother Michael.

Today I lost my brother Michael.  My children saw me cry in pain for the first time.  This will be the second time in my life where my parents have had to bury a child.  Second time in my life where I have had to bury a brother.  The second time my sister has had to do the same.  Jimmy, 26 years ago.  Michael, we will bury sometime in the next few days.  A whole form of communication in my life died today.  The only other person who could finish sentences, stories and punch lines to things that the two of us experienced.  Gone. The only other person that could remember the same stories, just as I remembered them, about […]

Time for some self evaluation! Are you as good as you think?

Many of us feel underutilized. We want to do more, get more credit, accomplish more goals and be more valuable than the others.  With unemployment being where it’s at and everyone, who is employed, trying to prove their worth; we welcome the opportunity to wear additional hats. We think ” if I do the job of 4 people they will never want to get rid of me”.  At least that is what many of us are led to believe.  By doing the work of 4 people, are we really accomplishing tasks at that same level?  Probably not, but that’s the world we live in.   Many people want to do more because they hate what they are currently being asked […]

Scenes from a Mexican restaurant (sorry Billy Joel)

I had a client meeting yesterday and decided to grab lunch near the location of the meeting. The restaurant was busy at the time so I opted to sit in the bar area.  I was alone, so being able to watch, or should I say read, the tv should help to fill the 90 minutes I had before the meeting. I could also mess around on my phone before and after my order of fish tacos arrived.   Instead, It gave me time to people watch.   Although watching people at a restaurant is not as plentiful as say the airport, it still provided entertainment for me.  First, I listened in on the wait staff.  It was a loud place, […]

You are an idiot and everyone is better than you!

I got into my profession at 20 and became a manager at 24.   Some people were still trying to find themselves or figure things out at that age.  I had  friends who were still going to college or switching jobs at 24, but I had a plan.  In order to accomplish what I felt I needed to accomplish-climbing the ladder was the only path for me.   I know I am different, but I didn’t realize what others saw till later in life.  About a year ago, I ran into a high school girlfriend.  I had not had a conversation with the girl in more than 15 years and we were discussing this and that, our lives, kids, careers, […]