Boy do I have a deal for you!

You should never pass up a teaching opportunity.  If you are knowingly doing this – shame on you.  If you are someone in need of learning more (that’s all of us) and do nothing to attain that knowledge – shame on you as well.  Education needs to be both shared and sought. In my life, every minute of every day is tied to some sort of sales pitch.  From my wife trying to sell me on getting a new car- to record companies pushing new artists-to account executives trying to convince me to do more or something unique for a client-to a bunch of random “pitches” from various people throughout my day.  It can, at times, be a bit over […]

Are you Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

A very talented friend of mine was recently fired from his job.  At the end of the day, one could make an argument that the people the company kept were not as talented as he is and anyone, from the outside looking in, could look at the situation as unfair and ridiculous. Not me.  I can see why they did it. If employers are not looking to change over or fix a situation, then they are looking for cohesion.  Many employers say that they want to employ “trailblazers” and people with “out of the box ideas”.  What they really want is cohesion.  A system.  A group that shares one idea.  Even if that idea or philosophy prevents them from taking […]

The secret sauce and swinging for the fences!

The common mistake many successful people make is, that when they start to see great gains in what they do, they freeze up in an attempt to not ruin what they created.  They feel that by doing the same thing over and over again , they will be able to hang onto their momentum and live off that successes forever.  You will be successful, but for how long? Continuing to do the exact same thing over and over again will put you in a rut and cause your “product” to become stale.    This, as you know,  is not healthy.  Yes, you certainly don’t want to derail the success you created and alter too much of the “secret sauce” that […]

Stop being a big sissy baby!

We all need a vacation or at least a break from the daily routine (fill in the words to Chicago’s “hard to say I’m sorry”).  It’s healthy and you deserve an occasional breather.  We all need to go to the Bahamas and drink something with an umbrella in it at least once in our lives!  That’s not what this is about. This is about the people who go too easy on themselves.  Those who give rewards and passes when they don’t deserve them or when they are counterproductive to their goal. “I can cheat on my diet tonight because I was so good for the past 2 days”.   Chances are you were not all that great for those two […]