Keep it real in 2013! Happy New Year!

New year.  New resolutions.  New hope and people looking to make a fresh start.  It’s a starting point for change in some people’s lives and a new beginning of sorts.  There is always new hope attached to the changing of the calendar.   Yet, some people never change.   You go into the new year with thoughts, ideas, resolutions on how THIS year will be different! This will be the time that you finally make that change, lose the weight, finish that project, get the promotion or kick that guy to the curb! Then August rolls around and chances are you still haven’t made that change, you weigh the same if not more, the project is still sitting there, you’ve […]

People need people (why we hate the mall)

People need people. Some of us more than others.  This is evident by the number of people that go to the mall this time of the year to buy nothing.  They do!  Take a look around (if you have time) to the number of people at the mall who are not holding a bag or actively looking for an item.  People want to be around people. The reason?  Some have a concern that they will miss out on something by not being there.  Some have nothing better to do.  Others just want to be around people.  The energy, the warmth, the need for stimulation, etc.  People just want to be around people.   Yes, all of us have some desire […]

The second sentence.

It’s the one that people know you by.  Think about it, when you are describing someone to a group of people that might know who you are talking about, it’s the second sentence that connects the dots. Do you know Jim in accounting? You know, the guy that grabbed your ass at the Christmas party! Or…. Do you know Jim in accounting? You know, the guy that saved those orphans from the fire! Which Jim do you want to be? Remember that.  If you are looking to make the right name for yourself in your chosen field, or even in social circles, you need to make sure the best second sentence is what you are projecting.   Do you know […]

zombies, layoffs and goals. Oh my!

I am totally consumed with the tv show The Walking Dead.  I’m not usually into zombie shows or movies and I got bored quickly with the recent sergeancy in vampire stories.  The Walking Dead is a solid show and I’m hooked.  I’m catching up.   I am only on season 2.  Please no spoiler posts! The show got me thinking about what I would do if the zombie apocalypse were to occur.  What would I do?  Where would I go?  What would be my role in the group of survivors?  This is why the show is so good-it makes you think.  I went as far as to assemble my “Zombie Attack Dream Team” and let the members know that they […]

Choot em!

A few weekends ago I shot a 7 point buck.  Yes, I hunt.  Something that many of you probably didn’t know about me.  As far as shooting a deer, I have been on a dry streak and honestly, this was the first deer I had shot in more than 10 years.   This blog isn’t about hunting.  Those of you who might be reading and thinking about stopping before I retell the story of Bambi (the hunter in the woods played by me) can rest assured that my words will not be taking us that direction.   Minutes before I pulled the trigger my mind raced with thoughts of doubt.  As I watched the deer though the scope, I was […]