Timmy fell in the well? Don’t call the dog!

When you are at the bottom of the well looking up at the small round piece of blue sky, all you can think about is getting out.  Your only goal is to not be where you are right now.  Too many people only think about that one thing-getting out.  Yet, there is an even larger hurdle to deal with…what are you going to do after you get out? Nobody thinks about the next step.  Ok, I climbed out of this metaphoric “well” of life issues and stress.  All I want to do is get away from the thing that is consuming me or causing the stress.  For some it’s a job, a relationship or a financial situation.  For others…they could […]

Shaken…not stirred

I’m a Gin drinker.  Bombay Sapphire martini, dirty, up with one extra olive to be exact.  It’s the only time in my life where I sound “cool” ordering a drink.  Not James Bond cool, but still kind of worldly.  This is the only way I know how to order a martini.   Anyway. The other day I spoke with a former co-worker.  He and I started new jobs around the same time and he had come to me for advice on dealing with having to answer to a new group of people, who do things a lot differently than he was used to. He was being somewhat micro managed at the time and it was a more attention and coaching […]

Everything in life can be learned on Twitter?

Sometimes I give advice. My intention is to never come off as a pretentious ass who knows more than the rest of the room.  Everyone has advice to give and advice is just…advice.  Nobody is forced to make life changes because of something someone said in a witty quote from Facebook or twitter.  Yet, in life, we should all keep an open mind.  I stumble across messages all the time that inspire me to write something or think deeper about a particular topic.  It’s like watching the Food Network and getting inspired to cook a meal you have never made before.  If something I see, experience or read triggers me to start thinking; I write it down and share it […]

Somebody spot me! (no pain…no gain)

This morning, at the gym, I lifted more weight than intended. I workout 4-5  times a week and have done so for the past 5 years.  I’m a type 2 diabetic and I enjoy eating.  In order to not blow up, I have to kill myself almost every morning around 5:30am.  (Anyone seen the weight room? Chris Farley voice) Regardless, I was doing an isolated bench press round and was using dumbbells.  Someone placed the weights in the wrong spot and I didn’t double check the pounds before I started the exercise.  I was planning on doing 10 reps and midway through, after feeling more resistance than expected, I looked up and saw that I was pushing 10lbs per dumbbell […]