Don’t hire the resume-Hire the person!

In the history of college baseball, only 2 coaches have won the college world series with 2 different teams. This past week Coach Andy Lopez from Arizona became the 2nd coach to do it! (His first with Pepperdine in 1992…I was rooting for the Gamecocks!).  Switching sports, you cannot deny that Peyton Manning is a stud QB.  A Stud QB with one Super Bowl ring in 14 seasons (not counting last season since he didn’t play).  As everyone knows, due to the media frenzy behind it, Peyton will start this season for a new football team-The Denver Broncos. What you may not know is that only 4 QBs in the history of professional football have won a Super Bowl with […]

Please don’t call me…maybe.

Often people sit back and steal cool pictures and cards from other Facebook pages or blogs.  Sure, that’s easy.  Sitting behind your computer screen, sipping on some caffeinated beverage, just waiting for the latest spoof, in viral card form, of the Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call me maybe”; isn’t going to create content that will truly endear you to the audience.  You need to capture life.  Stop waiting to catch cool and go out and create it. Yesterday I was at a gas station and next to my car was a group of girls and moms in a SUV.  It was all pimped out in 1 Direction decorations (1 Direction is a British boy band that was playing in Houston […]

Are you a jerk?

This morning I was cut off in traffic by a guy driving a company truck for a pest control service.  I won’t say who, because it’s not relevant and God forbid they, or someone they know, actually read my blog.  He was driving like an idiot and I wasn’t the only person he cut off in the short time I watched him.  I’m sure there wasn’t a big pest emergency that he had to get to (END OF DAYS! LOCUSTS!!).  The guy drove like a jerk and one would assume he is a jerk in real life.  Needless to say, I won’t be using that company for my pest control needs.  Why?  Because he represents that company and my first […]

Back in my day…that’s crap.

This is part of an article I wrote a few years ago for FMQB.  I recently read something on facebook that made me think of this paragraph: We can’t continue to look at building radio “stars” the same way we once did. Traditionally, you interned, got a part time job in promotions or on the weekends, and then just waited for your big break. With budgets being scaled back and the traditional opportunities lessened, we as managers need to create and apply energy towards new ideas and outlets for the next generation.  Create viral stars, intern bloggers, characters on shows, role players, etc.  If you find an intern or a promotions person who has that special something, but they aren’t ready to […]

Who the hell are you?

The expression “do me” means something different than when I was a kid.  Nowadays rappers use those words to express their need to keep it real and be themselves.  When I was a kid, it was a line from a Bel Biv Devoe song. (nobody wears a Swatch watch anymore by the way) Often I am solicited for career advice from people who are looking for an angle that might help them impress a perspective employer. “How should I act” or “What kind of demo should I put together” are questions I am often asked.  My advice is always-DO YOU!  You ever go to the soda fountain, fill your cup underneath the coke icon, take a drink and suddenly your […]

SH#T people say! (play on playa’)

Things people have said to me over the years… People remember movie quotes, something influential that they read from some passage of a book or a random tweet from some motivational speaker; resurrecting something that Mark Twain or Zig Ziglar once said.  Great quotes stick.  Sometimes it’s not the words, but the inflection of those words that make or break the quote.  I live in San Antonio and Spurs fever has taken over the town!  I have to admit, I don’t usually watch basketball, but to be at the center of the hub of all this energy is pretty exciting.  Coach Pop (The Spurs coach) told his team to “Get Nasty” during game one against OKC.  Since then, the word […]