Jury Duty (My time as Pauly Shore)

There are moments in your life when you want your name or number called. When the coach needs someone to take the potential game winning shot or when you are randomly selected to win something; those are the times in […]

Need some lube?

When mechanical parts work together they are usually separated by a small amount of oil or lubricant to prevent them from breaking down. When we are going through a difficult time and the friction of life takes its toll on […]

Why you should fire people on the first floor

More than 15 years ago I was handed the keys to my very first radio station as a program director. I had been in radio for a bit, and was the #2 guy in the programming hierarchy for a few […]

Are you sitting down?

Are you sitting down? I started this blog 8 months ago and then put it down and moved on to other blog topics. It’s been in the back of my brain for a while now and I just couldn’t seem […]

Don’t hold your breath

Real talk here. We’ve all done it. We have all waited, somewhat patiently, for the karma train to roll in and hit someone. We place a deserving or undeserving target onto someone else’s back and hope that the balance of […]

#Adulting #Parenting

A while back a friend of mine, who just got married at 30 but did not have children, asked me a series of interesting questions about fatherhood. She just shot them at me in rapid fire fashion and I answered […]

Why I can’t have nice things!

Every year, for my birthday, my father in law sends me cash in a card. This is what grandparents do for grandkids and this is what my father in law does for me. I guess I prefer he send me […]


Self-help for Dummies

Whenever I feel like I need a shot in that arm, albeit a need for a boost of confidence, knowledge, or just a reminder or refresher on something I’m struggling with, I buy a book.     Most of the […]

Why nobody calls you Pee Pee Pants anymore.

The world has a short term memory.   If you have ever been in a situation where you just can’t shuck a perception or you are guilty of doing something memorable, for all the wrong reasons, and you just can’t […]

my erin

Keep them off the pole

They say you have one job as a father of a girl and that is to keep her off the pole, but there are a lot more important things in life than just that… My daughter Erin just received an […]