Eye of the Tiger

I’ve been moving forward my entire life. I’ve kick boxed on and off, for the past 10 years. Nothing gets your heart pumping or relieves stress like beating the hell out of a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling and I try to do this around 3 times a week. Occasionally, depending on the trainer, they will throw pads on their hands and you get to do your best Rocky impression while following the instructions of what types of punches and combinations to throw. Of all the things involved in the workout, this part is probably my favorite. It’s the closest thing I do to actually sparring with someone and nobody hits you back. I have a pretty face and […]

Lube #Tryharder

Six Degrees of Life

So this week I came up with a new mission for myself. Connect with 52 new people in 52 weeks. I’ve never had a problem meeting new people. I’m aware that I am charismatic and, from what I’ve been told, engaging. I have a friendly face and that often results in some sort of connection or magnetism. We all have a “super power” and mine happens to be the ability to connect with people quickly. It’s important to be aware and embrace what you do well. My goal in this year long, and maybe longer, experiment is to connect with people I would traditionally never meet. I want to expand my life Rolodex and branch out to other categories of […]

Personalized copy of #Tryharder

Many people have asked if I would sign their book, but they live too far away or it’s just difficult to make it happen.¬† For a $50 donation to the Phoebe Fund, I will send a personalized copy of #Tryharder to you or whomever you like.¬† As you know, I don’t make a dollar off of the books I write, as every cent goes into a college/future fund for my niece (the daughter of my brother, who passed away a few years ago). Just click the button and I will personally process your request!   Who is this book for?

You know what’s grosser than gross? THIS BLOG!

  Things have a way of working themselves out.   In 1996, I was sitting in my apartment in San Angelo, TX playing Madden football with my roommate Matthew. I thought of this moment the other day when I was tinkering around with putting this story into a blog. I also realized that the last Madden football game I had played was probably 2004 and, if I were to pick up the latest game, I would be completely and totally lost. Yet, my 6 years old son would pick it up in a matter of minutes without ever playing a football game prior. I played a good bit of video games in college, just like everyone else, but I am […]


“He’s a nice guy”. “She’s cute”. “He has a good job”. “She has a good heart”. Almost always, all of these phrases are the kiss of death when it comes to dating. Eventually, after you get older and some dating standards change, these qualities move up in importance when looking for a mate; but initially these phrases will cause you to have many free Friday and Saturday nights. I know from experience! When I stopped always trying to be a “nice guy”- I became a “serial dater”. What flipped the switch? I developed ridges! What commercials do you remember most? The ones that are different. The ones that stand out. They are funny or provocative in some way. They connect […]

Jury Duty (My time as Pauly Shore)

There are moments in your life when you want your name or number called. When the coach needs someone to take the potential game winning shot or when you are randomly selected to win something; those are the times in your life when you want to be called upon. You want to be noticed. You want the attention. You want to be the chosen one!   Then, there’s jury duty.   That’s where I am at today and hopefully only today. I’m sitting in a room with 400-500 people, all waiting to not be selected for this “honor” of serving their community. As I scan the room and the people around me, I don’t see anyone that resembles Pauly Shore. […]

Need some lube?

When mechanical parts work together they are usually separated by a small amount of oil or lubricant to prevent them from breaking down. When we are going through a difficult time and the friction of life takes its toll on us, we often feel the need for some sort of buffer between the grinding of the plates.   We need lubricant.   Time is the thing that lubricates us from one tough moment to the next. Without it, much like the flaking of metal chards in an engine, we can become scarred and our tolerance, mindset, beliefs and sensitivity can erode; causing us to change.   To say that I am the same person I was 5 years ago would […]

Why you should fire people on the first floor

More than 15 years ago I was handed the keys to my very first radio station as a program director. I had been in radio for a bit, and was the #2 guy in the programming hierarchy for a few years, but this was the first time I got to be the boss. The person responsible for every aspect of the long term and short term planning of the radio station. Every sound that came out of the speakers fell upon my shoulders and it was hard not to be a bit giddy at the possibilities to come! Yes, this is cooler than creating your own playlist with an app on your phone!   Prior to this promotion I had […]


Are you sitting down?

Are you sitting down? I started this blog 8 months ago and then put it down and moved on to other blog topics. It’s been in the back of my brain for a while now and I just couldn’t seem to cobble the words together to make my point. This offering has a lot of pain attached to it and perhaps I just wasn’t in the proper mindset at the time to do it justice or had the right emotions in the tank to get all the words and feelings out all in one sitting. I don’t usually start and stop a chapter, as most of my stuff is “stream of consciousness” style and I start and finish a topic […]

Don’t hold your breath

Real talk here. We’ve all done it. We have all waited, somewhat patiently, for the karma train to roll in and hit someone. We place a deserving or undeserving target onto someone else’s back and hope that the balance of the world finally catches up to that person. To say that you haven’t ever done this would be a lie, because none of us are saints and we have all been wronged by someone. Relationship karma is probably the most common when it comes to people wanting to see it through. He broke your heart, he cheated on you, she hooked up with the football team while you were dating. You want redemption for your tears, heartache and embarrassment. You […]